Wealth Preservation


Both trusts and foundations offer the ability to members in your families to set out how they would like assets to be held and distributed in the long-term. It is not straight forward for these structures to provide the potential for long-term succession and asset protection planning that trusts and foundations can provide.

Do you need to have estate planning so that your family members are well taken care of?

Wealth Preservation


Every portfolio should attempt to diversify exposure among asset classes that are not “correlated”. Gold and Precious metals are the most stable in times of war, and best vehicle to hedge from when everything else is going down. Some would argue Platinum or Silver would be a better choice at the current price relationship to gold.

Is gold part of your retirement plan?

Wealth Preservation


For protection when bad time comes. One of the many reasons why people prefer to invest in a life insurance is because of its tax saving aspect. Irrespective of the plan that you have taken, you can save tax with the different insurance policies. The earlier you invest in life insurance, the better deals you can get.

Do you know the different types of insurance any typical people should have at all time?

Wealth Preservation


Some are drawn to new places by “pull” factors, others find it difficult to remain where they are and migrate because of “push” factors. These have contributed to the recent movement of people here but are also the reason why people from here have emigrated to other countries. Education, Investment, Citizen benefits, the list goes on…

  • Relocation by Investment
  • Relocation by Employment
  • Relocation by Education

Do you know what is good about your country in terms of wealth preservation?

Wealth Preservation


One of the ways to venture into overseas is to start your own foothold there. Company incorporate or expansion. Depending on your business objectives, here are some options that you can consider: Stability, government support, safety, strategic location, politics etc.

Do you know which country can give you the best financial stability?

Wealth Preservation


If you are too busy to handle all your wealth allocation in investing, maybe you can consider trusting the power of AI to manage for you. Depending on criterias like age group, income, goals and life stage.

Are you actively managing your assets?